Dental implants are a great way to fill in the gap between your teeth, especially if you are unable to use alternate methods such as a dental bridge. Unfortunately, every dental procedure comes with its own risks. Before you decide to get dental implants, learn about 4 complications that could cause problems.

Allergies To Metal

Implants use titanium because of how it has a protective film known as titanium dioxide. It helps protect the implant from the bacteria in your mouth. If the titanium is combined with additional metals that are designed to improve the appearance or longevity of the implant, it may cause an allergic reaction. Headaches, swelling and discomfort are all possibilities.

To ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction to the implant, have an allergy test done to see if you will react to the metal that is used.

Pressure In The Sinuses

Titanium implants in the upper jaw may require the bones located around the sinuses to be strengthened, or else the implant will not be held securely in place. It is rare, but the titanium implant may affect the sinus cavity. This will lead inflammation, congestion, and headaches.

The chance of this happening to you comes down to how skilled your surgeon is. They need to successfully install the implant without affecting the sinuses.

Bite That Is Misaligned

The goal of having an implant is to replace teeth that are missing. The position of these implants are not too important if you only need a couple implants installed. When many implants are needed, proper alignment is crucial to ensure your comfort. Position, size, and angle all play an important role in the new bite that you will have. If these things are off, it can lead to your jaw resting in an unnatural position.

A misaligned bite will lead to sore jaw muscles, eventually causing headaches. It's very rare that this complication happens, as it is caused through an error in surgery.

Trauma During Surgery

Any surgery runs a risk of complication, and this is true of getting dental implants too. A mistake done during surgery could lead to damaged nerves in your mouth that will cause consistent pain. The dental implant success rate is 98%, so the chance of this happening is very low.

Dental implants can do wonders for restoring your smile. Now that you are aware of the potential complications, you can decide if implants are right for you.