Are you suffering from gum disease? If so, you likely know that you need to get it treated as quickly as possible. When left unchecked, gum disease can cause deterioration of your gum lining, leaving the roots of your teeth dangerously exposed. That can cause even more severe tooth problems. However, you may be anxious about the prospective treatment of your gum disease. It often involves a dentist cutting or scraping bacteria from your gums, a procedure that can cause pain and bleeding. There is an alternative, though. Laser gum treatment has become a popular option and it may be one you should consider.

What is laser gum treatment?

As the name suggests, laser gum treatment involves the use of lasers to remove bacteria from damaged gums. Your dentist will point the laser at the damaged area to remove the targeted section. Once the damaged area is removed, a second laser is fired to cauterize the wound. That prevents further bleeding and promotes healthy healing. In many cases, laser treatment can be a fast and effective solution.

Why use laser gum treatment?

There are a few reasons why laser gum treatment is popular:

1. May cause less pain. With laser gum treatment, there's no need for knives or other sharp dental tools. Your dentist doesn't have to cut sections of gum out of your mouth. There may be pain with each laser, but it often tends to be very brief. The reduced pain may help you get over any anxiety about the procedure and may reduce your need for anesthesia, allowing you to get back to work sooner.

2. Less bleeding. With a traditional gum treatment, you may have to deal with bleeding gums for some time after the procedure is over. You may need to keep gauze in your mouth and be careful with your mouth's movements and what you eat. With laser treatment, the wound is cauterized immediately. While the area may still be sensitive, you shouldn't have ongoing bleeding or the need for uncomfortable gauze around your gums.

3. It's fast. Traditional gum treatment that involves cutting away areas of gum can also be a long procedure. It may take up an entire morning or most of the day. On the other hand, laser treatment can be done relatively quickly. You may only be at the dentist for a couple of hours, so you can then get home and start healing.

For more information, contact a dental clinic like Neu Family Dental Center. They can advise you on whether laser gum treatment is right for you.