Ensuring that your smile is as attractive as possible is important for helping to ensure that you make a good first impression with everyone that you meet. Sadly, there can be numerous problems that might compromise the appearance of your teeth, which can have a negative effect on your sense of self-esteem. Luckily, there are numerous treatments that can be deployed to improve the appearance of your smile, but if you are inexperienced with restorative dental procedures, you may be able to benefit from the following answers to common questions. 

What Can You Have Done For Noticeably Chipped Teeth?

There may come a day when you accidentally bite something that is too hard or you may suffer an impact to your mouth. These events can cause you to chip one of your teeth, and while this injury can be extremely painful for a person to experience, it can also contribute to further damage to the teeth. For example, a chipped tooth can make a tooth more likely to start to develop decay due to the damage to the enamel.

Luckily, it is possible to address the structural and cosmetic problems caused by a chipped tooth through the use of bonding. When bonding is utilized to repair this damage, the dentist will apply a porcelain paste to restore the natural shape of the tooth by filling in the chip.

Can A Tooth With A Filling Still Develop Cavities?

Cavities are among the more common dental problems that patients will encounter over their lives. While fillings are a common solution for repairing teeth that have developed decay, there are some patients that assume a tooth with a filling will not be susceptible to developing decay in the future. However, this is far from the truth because while the filling will not be susceptible to developing decay, it will only cover the portion of the tooth that had the decay. As a result, the rest of the tooth can still be vulnerable to developing this problem.

A healthy smile can be one of the most noticeable features a person has, but it is an unfortunate fact that your teeth can experience numerous forms of damage over the course of time. These issues can seriously compromise the appearance of your smile while also causing intense pain. By understanding that a chipped tooth is repaired through bonding and that teeth with feelings can still develop cavities, you will be much better able to keep your smile in great condition. For further assistance, contact a local dentist, such as one from Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC.