White teeth symbolize beauty, health, and hygiene. Unfortunately, keeping your teeth white is usually easier said than done. When people think about things that stain teeth, they typically think of coffee or red wine. Sure, red wine and coffee do stain teeth; but they aren't the only things that are causing your pearly whites to yellow or darken. There are many things that can stain teeth, including these four surprising items:

1. Medications

It might sound odd, but certain medications can actually cause your teeth to discolor. Medications such as antihistamines and antibiotics can cause discoloration on your teeth. This is partially due to the chemicals within the medications; however, it can also be caused by dry mouth.

2. White Wine and Lemonade

Most people know that red wine stains teeth. However, most people are unaware that white wine can stain too. This is because it is very acidic and high in sugar content. Together, the sugar and acidic cause the teeth to stain. This is because the teeth become coated in acid and sugar, which then breaks down the tooth's enamel. It also makes it easier for colored foods and beverages to stick to your teeth, which makes staining much more likely. Although there is no alcohol in lemonade, it has the same properties as white wine—so it can cause staining for the same reasons.

3. Cough Drops and Syrup

Both cough drops and cough syrup can cause staining on your teeth, as well. As you might expect, this is partially caused by the dark color of cough syrups. However, many people take this medication before bed and do not brush afterwards. This leaves the dark colored syrup in your mouth overnight, which exacerbates the staining effect. Cough syrup also dries out the mouth, which increases the likelihood of staining.

Cough drops, on the other hand, are essentially like candy. They are hard, sugary, and quite acidic. Those properties combine to discolor your teeth. Also, many cough drops feature bright colors which often stain your tongue and teeth.

4. Colored Sauces

Finally, colored sauces can also stain your teeth. Sauces that might cause staining include curry, tomato, and even soy sauce. Not only are these typically sugary and acidic, they often feature food coloring. This creates a staining trifecta for your teeth.

As you can see, there are many things that can stain your teeth. So in order to keep your pearly whites, white, you should make sure that you brush and floss properly. In addition, you might want to limit some of these foods and beverages. Finally, visit your dentist for teeth whitening services to help whiten your teeth—and keep them white.