When you have an emergency dental problem, your first instinct may be to run to an emergency dentist to take care of it for you. You should keep in mind that there are a few thing that can do at home before you make the visit. These tips can help alleviate pain or even help save your tooth.


Toothaches are problematic because the pain feels like it is occurring in the tooth and it seems like an issue that is very hard to treat. While you are at home, the first thing you should do is clean around any tooth you think is causing the toothache. You can do this by rinsing your mouth out using salt water. It also helps to use floss for dislodging any stray food particles stuck in your gum line that could be causing pain.

For facial swelling, you should avoid heat and exclusively use cold compresses to reduce swelling. A plastic bag filled with ice or a frozen bag of peas can work well in a pinch. Be sure to take acetaminophen when you're experiencing pain from the tooth, and be sure to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Lost Tooth

If have a tooth knocked out due to facial trauma, you'll want to visit an emergency dentist instead of waiting for the next available appointment with your current dentist. Speed is key in being able to save the tooth, so you will need to move quickly.

Make sure that you are careful when handling the tooth, since you should not be touching the tooth's root to prevent germs from getting in it. Putting the tooth in a container filled with milk will prevent your tooth from drying out, and give you a greater chance of replanting the tooth back in your mouth.

Broken Tooth

Teeth can break because of decay that has formed over time or because of sudden trauma, like biting on something that is hard. Start by rinsing out your mouth with some warm water to help remove any type of debris in your mouth. While you should try to collect the parts of the tooth that broke off, it might not be possible if it is in small pieces. Along with a broken tooth it's possible that swelling won't occur, but if it does, use cold compresses.

Have a different type of dental emergency? Contact a dentist like those found at Riverdale Dental Arts to find out if you should seek immediate help or schedule the next earliest appointment.