If you have an appointment coming up to have your teeth cleaned, chances are good that you'll spend a good part of your time with a dental hygienist. Before having your teeth cleaned, there may be a few things that you will need to mention to your dental hygienist. These are a few of the things that you may need to tell him or her before your cleaning starts.

1. If You Have Implants

Do you have dental implants? If so, you should know that dental implants generally need to be polished rather than being cleaned like regular teeth are. Your dental hygienist should take a look at your chart to find out about your dental implants and should be able to tell which ones are implants and which ones are natural teeth. However, if your dental implants were done well, it can be difficult to tell at first, so it's not a bad idea to point out your implants to your dental hygienist so that he or she knows which ones they are from the beginning.

2. If You Have Any Pain or Discomfort

Have you recently been injured, such as falling flat on your face, or are you experiencing any type of pain or discomfort? Your dental hygienist can be asked to be "gentle" with certain painful areas of your mouth and can pay extra attention to see if there is a cause for concern if you mention your pain or discomfort before the cleaning begins. This can help you find out if there is any damage and can help make your appointment a lot more comfortable for you as well.

3. If You Have Any Concerns

If you have concerns about your teeth or your oral health, such as if your gums have been bleeding a lot even though you have been brushing and flossing them, you should mention this to your dental hygienist. He or she can talk to you about your problem and can mention the problem to your dentist if necessary. This can help you ensure that your concerns are addressed during your cleaning and during your appointment.

Your dental hygienist is there to inspect and thoroughly clean your teeth for you. For best results during your appointment, communication is important. If you mention these things to your dental hygienist before your teeth cleaning, you can help ensure that your appointment goes as well as possible. For additional information, contact a dental office like Legacy Dental Arts.