Making sure that you have a beautiful smile is one of the most important things that you can do for your appearance and confidence. Yet, there are many dental problems that can result in serious cosmetic issues for patients. Repairing these dental issues will require any number of different treatments. In particular, dental veneers are a fairly common procedure for correcting these dental problems, but there are a few key facts you want to keep in mind when it comes to this treatment. 

Dental Veneers Are Not Tooth Replacements

Some individuals are under the impression that a dental veneer will fully replace the tooth. However, this is not the case as the dental veneer is simply applied to the exterior of the natural tooth. For those that are needing to have a tooth completely replaced, a dental implant or bridge will likely be the most effective option.

Veneers Are Resistant To Staining

Some people will be concerned about opting for dental veneers due to a belief that they will easily stain. While staining can be a very embarrassing and noticeable dental problem, it should be observed that a dental veneer will not be at risk of becoming stained. It may be possible for the veneer to appear dull after many months, but this is due to surface plaque as opposed to stains. A thorough cleaning should restore your veneers to their original luster.

Dental Veneers Will Need To Be Replaced Periodically

You may not like the idea of needing to receive the same dental procedure multiple times, but you will eventually need to have the veneers replaced. Over time, the saliva in your mouth and the wear and tear from chewing can wear down the veneers. This will result in the veneers needing to be replaced around every decade, but the replacement procedure will be far easier than the installation as the tooth will have already been shaped to accommodate the veneers.

Choosing to have dental veneers installed can be an excellent way of restoring a wide range of cosmetic dental problems. Yet, patients that are uninformed about these dental prosthetics may simply assume that they will not meet their needs, and this can cause them to needlessly suffer the embarrassment of a compromised smile. Once you have an awareness of the fact that the dental veneers will not be a total tooth replacement option, that these veneers are stain resistant and need to be replaced after many years, you should find making decisions to correct your smile will be a simple task.