An abscessed tooth is something that you should not ignore. This condition is an infection that can affect your entire face. It causes facial swelling in the region where your infected tooth is located. Your whole mouth also will feel sore and tender. This results in intense pain in the area of your abscess.

You are going to need treatment to get rid of the infection. Read on to find out how to find relief from an abscessed tooth.

Take Antibiotics

In general dentistry, an abscessed tooth is a common condition. An abscess applies pressure to your gums, which causes severe pain. Most dentists start treatment by prescribing antibiotics. Common prescribed antibiotics include augmentin, amoxicillin, and penicillin. These medications help with fighting the infection and reducing swelling. Antibiotics are a temporary solution, though, and you may still need a tooth extraction or root canal.

Create An Opening To The Root

The next step of treatment involves making contact with the infection site. Your doctor has to make a path to your tooth's root. This path is created with the use of a drill to get rid of the diseased pulp inside of your tooth. When you remove the pulp, it exposes the root of your tooth.

Get Your Abscess Drained

This process removes the remaining pulp to penetrate your abscess. A dental tool is used to move through the canals inside of your tooth. It clears out any barriers that are blocking access to your abscess. This means using the tool to pierce your gums. At this point, the bacteria, blood, and pus will just drain out. After removing the contents of your infection, your tooth is left empty. Your empty tooth is then sealed with a cement substance.

As a child, you probably thought your mom was just nagging about taking care of your teeth. However, it was for good reason. Many dental problems are preventable with good hygiene. You should regularly brush, floss, and go to dental appointments.

However, prevention is not going to help if you already have this condition. An abscessed tooth should be taken seriously. If you allow it to go untreated, then it can spread to other parts of your body. This may result in your organs becoming damaged. If you want to save your tooth, then your dentist must catch this condition in the early stages. It starts with making an important immediately with your dentist to get a diagnosis.

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