When your mouth isn't as healthy as it should be or you've had a major accident causing you to lose most or all of your existing teeth, getting dental implants is a positive solution for your situation. When you get dental implants, it's often best to get all the implants you need at once.

Here are reasons why you should discuss full mouth rehabilitation during a single procedure with your dentist. The results can be a prettier, healthier smile for you with less stress placed on your mouth.

You only have to endure one surgery

The biggest reason for getting all your implants put in place at once is this: you only put your mind and body through one surgical procedure. When you get dental implants, you have to be placed under general anesthesia, which can put stress on your body. Add the mental stress of going to the dentist for multiple treatments and the idea of getting all your work done in one sitting sounds even better.

You heal faster

When you get all your dental work done at once, including getting your implants filled and having your gums treated, you heal faster from the treatment. Why? Because you only go through one dental procedure, which means your mouth can heal fully after your first surgery without having to prepare for a second one. 

Keep in mind that you may only be a candidate for a single surgical dental implant procedure if your jaw bone and gums are in relatively healthy condition. If your jaw bone is compromised, you may have to get a bone graft done before you can get dental implants, which will lead to more than one dental treatment.

You save money

Paying for an anesthesiologist and pain medication following a dental procedure is expensive. You limit the amount of money your dental implants cost by undergoing only one dental surgery. This way, you only pay to be put under for the surgical procedure one time and only have to go through a single round of antibiotics or pain medication. If money is a concern, speak to your dentist about the cheapest way to receive dental implants, including payment options through your dentist with a sizable down payment.

There are many reasons to consider getting dental implants, particularly if you can get your whole mouth rehabilitated and transformed in one sitting. Talk to your dentist to learn more about how all on four implant rehabilitation can benefit you.