Getting braces is the best way to achieve straighter teeth and a better bite, but there is some pain involved with the process. If you are getting ready to have braces placed on your teeth, you should understand the different types of pain you may experience, simply so that you can prepare for this. Here are some of the types of pain you could feel after getting your braces on your teeth.

Initial pain from the procedure

The first type of pain you will feel is the pain you have right after getting the braces placed on your teeth. It typically takes a couple of hours for an orthodontist to completely put braces on a person. During this time, you will have to hold your mouth open, and there will be people working in your mouth. The trauma from going through this often results in pain, but the pain will likely dissipate within a few days.

Pain caused by tightness of the brackets and wires

When you initially get your braces on, part of the pain you will feel is from the pressure caused by the wires on your teeth. Braces are designed to straighten and move teeth by forcing pressure on the teeth. You will feel this pressure as soon as you get your braces, but you will also feel it each month when you go for visits to your orthodontist. Each month, they will tighten the wires in your mouth to add more pressure to them, and you may feel pain for a few days after each of your visits.

Sores caused by your braces rubbing against your gums

The other problem you might experience with your braces is pain from sores in your mouth. There are times when the brackets or wires will rub against your gums or insides of your cheeks. If this happens, it can lead to a sore developing in the area where the rubbing is occurring, and this too can be painful for a person who has braces.

While you might feel a lot of pain and discomfort right after you get your braces, the pain typically decreases within the first couple of days. You may feel pain from time to time during your treatment, but the pain will typically not last long. If you are ready to learn more about braces and the benefits they could offer for you, contact a clinic like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP today.