If you have old crowns on your front teeth, they may be keeping you from having your teeth whitened. When the crowns were put in, the dentist matched them to the color of your teeth at the time. If you had the crowns put on before you wanted whiter teeth, then they may not be as dazzling white as you want your teeth now. You may wonder if you can lighten crowns and if it's possible for you to have the white smile you want. Here's a look at what your dentist might recommend.

Teeth Whitening Doesn't Work On Crowns

The bleaching gels used to whiten natural enamel have no effect on porcelain crowns. The original color of the crown is permanent, so whitening them is not an option. If you whiten your nearby natural teeth, then the crowns will look even duller next to bright, white teeth.

Keep this in mind if you need a crown in the future. Whiten your teeth to the desired shade of white first and then have the crown matched to your teeth.

However, that doesn't help you now when you already have crowns that aren't white enough. Instead, your dentist might recommend replacing the crown once you've had your natural teeth whitened.

Options For Getting Whiter Crowns

One possible option for making the crowns whiter is to have veneers put on them. There is no problem adhering porcelain veneers to a porcelain crown, but the veneers could make the crowns look bigger or bulkier. Your dentist will examine your crowns and your smile and decide if putting veneers over them is a good idea.

For the best results, your dentist may recommend getting new crowns. The old ones can be removed and new crowns put on that match your teeth once your natural teeth have been whitened. New crowns would make your smile look natural, and the color of your teeth would be uniform. You'll be able to choose the shade of white that you like; however, you'll need to work at keeping your natural teeth white so they always match the color of your new crowns.

If you're not happy with the color of your teeth, then talk to a dentist about what you can do to get a white smile. They will work with you to find a solution to whiten your natural teeth and make your crowns whiter even if it means replacing them. Being happy with your appearance is important for your self-confidence, so don't settle for teeth you're unhappy with just because you have crowns that you think you can't lighten.