Suffering from a bad toothache is often said to be one of the worst types of pain a person can have. Toothache pain is relentless and hard to treat, and there is not a lot you can do about it. If you currently have a bad toothache and are not sure what you should do, here are the top three steps you should follow.

Call the dentist

The very first thing you should do when you cannot stand the pain you are feeling is call the dentist to schedule an appointment. A toothache will generally need professional services in order to find relief from it, and the sooner you call the dentist, the sooner you can find relief. If your dental clinic is closed or cannot get you in quickly, contact an emergency dental clinic to see if you can get in. You should aim to get to the dentist's office on the same day as you are experiencing the pain.

Treat it at home

As you wait for your dental visit, there are several steps you can take that may provide you with some relief. The first is to take over-the-counter medication, and ibuprofen is generally the best option as it helps reduce inflammation. Taking medication like this could provide you with at least a little bit of relief.

Secondly, get a small glass of warm water and pour a tablespoon of salt into it. Mix the salt around in the water and then swish the mixture around in your mouth. Warm salt water can ease the pain of a toothache just a little bit.

Finally, you should place a cold compress on your face in the area that is sore. A cold compress is often enough to help decrease swelling of a toothache and provide relief for a little while.

Visit the dentist and go through any procedure recommended

Finally, you should visit the dentist at your scheduled appointment. During the visit, you can find out what is causing the pain in your tooth and mouth, and you can find a solution to the problem. The dentist might be able to fix the problem during this visit, or he or she may recommend taking an antibiotic and returning in a week or two to have the procedure done that you need. In any case, you will find relief from whatever the dentist has to do for the toothache you are currently having.

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