It is important to make sure that you and your loved ones are getting regular dental services. You need check-ups and cleanings. You might eventually need some dental work done, which you would not know about if you aren't going in for regular cleanings. Here are some more reasons why it is so important that you are not skipping out on getting regular check-ups and cleanings:

Your Teeth Could Become Coated In Plaque

Plaque will begin to form along the tooth, beginning right at the gumline. This can be hard to notice at first unless you are looking closely in the mirror. Other people might not notice the plaque on your teeth unless they get up close and personal. However, that plaque is going to get worse as time goes by and before you know it, it will be extremely noticeable anytime you show your teeth. It can be embarrassing and be viewed as an indicator that you have poor hygiene habits.

An Infection Could Turn Fatal

If you have a cavity and you are not getting it treated as soon as possible, it could turn into an infection. This will be painful but generally manageable with over-the-counter medication at first. But the infection is not going to go away on its own. In fact, the size of the infection will only grow and grow until you are in unbearable pain. If swift action is not taken, the infection could move into your bloodstream and it could turn fatal. While this might be seen as an extreme example, it is important to know that this can happen if you are not getting dental services as you need them. A quick check-up at the dentist will help you learn of any newly formed cavities that you are not aware of yet.

Your Teeth Could Decay

If you are not taking good care of your teeth, which includes visiting the dentist regularly, the quality of your teeth could begin to decline. Teeth could start to chip and break due to underlying problems that were not able to be treated by a skilled dentist. You could end up with a full set of dentures one day because you were not seen by a dentist enough. 

For those reasons and more, you want to make sure that you are scheduling check-ups and cleanings with your dentist regularly. Reach out to your local family dentistry office to learn more.