Local drug stores have various teeth whitening products, some of which work while others may not. Instead of trial and error, your local dentist tailors professional teeth whitening services to meet your individual needs. Besides, contrary to over-the-counter treatments, dentists guarantee you results. 

Read on to discover reasons to choose a dentist's teeth whitening services over self-prescribed teeth whitening options.

1. To Get Evenly White Teeth

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products come in one generic fit. Since such solutions aren't tailor-made to fit your teeth, you may get a smile with different shades of white. Conversely, your dentist creates a bleaching solution that meets your unique needs. Even if your dentist prescribes at-home solutions, they will custom-make the prescription based on your teeth's mold.

2. To Remove Stubborn Stains

Some stains form on your teeth over many years. In such cases, you can't easily eradicate stains found deep into the enamel. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions have a low peroxide concentration. So, only a dentist can provide a solution that effectively gets rid of deep and severe stains.

3. To Aid in Better Oral Health

Before you undergo teeth whitening at a dentist's office, you will get an oral exam. Dentists repair your teeth or gums before the teeth whitening procedure if you have any underlying dental problems. So teeth whitening gives you a good opportunity for a dental checkup. Also, dentists protect your gums from exposure to the bleaching agent to avoid sensitivity and irritation.

4. To facilitate Speedy Outcomes 

Your dentist spends a shorter time and leaves you with teeth many shades whiter. On the flip side, at-home treatments call for days or weeks of treatment to achieve less noticeable results. Also, professional teeth whitening penetrates deeper into your teeth. As a result, your teeth will stay white for a longer time compared to at-home methods.

5. To Enhance Safety

One of the main reasons to consider professional teeth whitening is for safety. At-home whitening treatments can prove dangerous if not approved or tested by a dentist. The side effects include more stains, decay, cavities, and permanent damage to your enamel. Besides, dentists offer post-teeth whitening sessions to care for your teeth and limit sensitivity.

6. To Get Value for Money

Teeth whitening was pretty expensive in the past, but nowadays, the procedure is affordable. A single professional whitening procedure may cost more than a one-time at-home kit. However, home kits don't last long, so the frequent repurchase cost increases quickly. But, for a dentist's procedure, you get the best value for your money.


Teeth whitening improves your quality of life and offers many other benefits. Nonetheless, you can only achieve the benefits if you follow the appropriate approach. Your teeth are crucial for general health and appearance, and you shouldn't gamble on dental procedures. So, don't go for shortcuts when your oral health is on the line. Instead, reach out to a local dentist for your teeth whitening.