By now you probably already know that most dentists recommend coming in for a regular checkup at least a couple of times each year. Unfortunately, if you are like many people, you fail to follow through with this recommendation. Oftentimes this is because people simply are not aware of how important these regular checkups can be. In this article, you can learn more about the three reasons it is so important for you to visit your dentist for regular checkups. 

#1: Early Detection

Catching problems with your oral health as early as possible can be the key to successful treatment. For instance, if you catch a cavity while it is still small, you will often be able to avoid any serious tooth pain and will be able to have this cavity cleaned and filled before the damage to your tooth enamel begins to spread. However, if this cavity is allowed to grow larger, you could find yourself in need of a root canal or tooth extraction in order to correct the issue. Choosing to visit your dentist a few times each year for a checkup and cleaning will ensure that any problems you may experience are caught in their earliest stages. 

#2: Plaque Removal

Even if you are religious about brushing and flossing each day, there is still a good chance that you will have some plaque buildup along your gums or in hard-to-reach places. If this plaque is not removed from time to time, it can result in tooth decay and gum disease. Visiting your dentist a couple of times each year will allow them to remove any plaque buildup you may have so that you are able to avoid these oral health problems. This is also an important part of preventing oral hygiene issues, such as bad breath. 

#3: Minimize Anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety when it comes to addressing serious dental health concerns when it has been an extended period of time since they last visited the dentist. This anxiety is often the result of the embarrassment that people feel when their teeth are in bad condition. This can be a vicious cycle since the more anxiety a person experiences when it comes to visiting the dentist, the more likely they will be to continue avoiding the dentist, and the worse the problems with their teeth will become. Visiting your dentist regularly can help you to avoid this cycle and the anxiety that often comes along with it. 

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