Are you looking for a way to correct the look or function of your teeth? If so, know that there are various types of cosmetic procedures that you can get to make the improvements you desire. Here are some of the main procedures that a cosmetic dentist can offer.


Orthodontics are not limited to the big brackets that cause your mouth to look like it is full of metal. It is possible to get Invisalign braces that use plastic alignment trays to slowly move your teeth into the proper position. Orthodontics will not just put your teeth into proper alignment so they look straight, but it can help correct overbites and underbites as well.

Teeth Whitening

There are a few different teeth whitening techniques that can be used to get your teeth to the desired shade of white. While there are over-the-counter whitening kits that you can pick up at your local pharmacy, there are professional whitening techniques that a dentist can perform in their office. This includes laser whitening and providing prescription-strength bleach that you use at home.


The dental bonding procedure involves applying a resin to your teeth that matches it in color. Bonding can be used to repair cracks and chips that you do not like, or even fill in a gap that you do not want to fix with orthodontics. Bonding is a procedure that can be performed in a single visit and has virtually no recovery time.


Have a tooth that is missing and want a cost-effective way to fix it? A dental bridge can help place an artificial tooth between the surrounding teeth, which support the artificial tooth by forming a bridge with two crowns. The problem with a dental bridge is that it does require altering the surrounding healthy teeth, which may not be desirable.

Gum Reshaping

Do you have a smile where you see a lot of your gums, and it makes you feel self-conscious? Know that it is possible to remove the excess gum tissue through a procedure known as gum reshaping. It helps show off more of your teeth so that they appear normal-size and can give you a more natural-looking smile.


Have teeth that are an odd shape and need to be reshaped? Contouring involves removing those unwanted parts of the teeth to give them a new shape. For example, you may have rough bumps on your teeth that you want to smooth out.